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Welcome to Penguin Powered Graphics and Design.


The World has gotten smaller as each day more people purchase home computers and access the internet. Online media allows access to the largest audience for your advertising dollar, increase your sales, create more contacts, access new markets, and share information more readily. Do you have an online presence? If not we can help create one for you or redesign a current site.


Clubs and Organizations benefit by allowing easy access to information for members, create memberlists and/or mailing lists, have forums for member discussions or debates, and accept applications and member dues online. Personal webpages allows your family and friends to keep up to date, track family activities, or keep and share a your family history.


We have been designing websites since 1999. We specialize in affordable web design solutions for small businesses, churches, non-profitable organizations and personal webpages.

Is your company or organization looking for affordable web design? If so we welcome the opportunity to work with you.




We can provide or arrange for the following services for you.

  • Website Design
  • Graphics Design / Logo
  • Domain registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Site Maintenance / Upgrades
  • Search Engine Optimization